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very old house ..it does not give fresh feeling at all i think you are under wrong impression by having old furniture
Comment from : Prashant

santoshi sarkar
দাদা ❤
Comment from : santoshi sarkar

anup behera
The calmness in the voice is so soothing. Can’t believe its the same Dada who has ruthless aggression in the field back days. My childhood hero, thank you Dada for making India a cricket crazy nation
Comment from : anup behera

sk Imtiaz
my heart in sourav ganguly d prince
Comment from : sk Imtiaz

Rambabu Adhikari
Dada king Kolkata
Comment from : Rambabu Adhikari

Naibedya Kanungo
Comment from : Naibedya Kanungo

mayank vaish
The newspaper opens from backside...same here Dada!! ❤️❤️
Comment from : mayank vaish

Sanjib Das
Good video but it's much better dada you have not joined indian politics.
Comment from : Sanjib Das

Aashish George
Comment from : Aashish George

my favorite player dada
Comment from : SAD UMESH

Soumi Guha
Love you love you love you😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Comment from : Soumi Guha

Subhasish Sar
The Bengal Tiger!
Comment from : Subhasish Sar

Nivedita Jha
My 3 months old 1st marathon youtu.be/zMaFWH81CCg
Comment from : Nivedita Jha

Captain of captains...respect..,😊🤗🙏
Comment from : PUSHKAR Singh

ravinder sehrawat
nice to see u tiger...
Comment from : ravinder sehrawat

Nabila Hussain
Awesome!!! I never knew he is such a great personality .
Comment from : Nabila Hussain

Mani Garg
Comment from : Mani Garg

shilpa dholi
U r my first love💋...don’t remember the exact time when i fall for u......but ur always in my ❤️
Comment from : shilpa dholi

Vibhuti Vaibhav
for every north indian kolkata is saurav & rasgulla infact we lnow the word dada for him only :)
Comment from : Vibhuti Vaibhav

Natarajan Viswanathan
Yes I believe I can. Thank you Sourav.
Comment from : Natarajan Viswanathan

Amit Kumar
Rich guy :P
Comment from : Amit Kumar

Taniya Agarwal
It was virat and anuahka's marriage picture in newspaper
Comment from : Taniya Agarwal

Paritosh Malo
dada so butifull
Comment from : Paritosh Malo

Sudeshna Dandapat
Love you Dada. Love you so much
Comment from : Sudeshna Dandapat

Prashant Parashar
Comment from : Prashant Parashar

Soumi Guha
Love you..
Comment from : Soumi Guha

Soumi Guha
Su bho nobobarsher priti suvecha ar antorik avi nandan janai
Comment from : Soumi Guha

Soumi Guha
Very much love you
Comment from : Soumi Guha

Santosh Kumar
what is there anything to be dislike in this video, dada is a great captain, still the best leftie batsman india has produced
Comment from : Santosh Kumar

Anubhi gupta
my aul Tim favourite❤❤
sir.....❤❤after so long finally ..

Comment from : Anubhi gupta

Desi Remixx
I have never liked saurav ganguly as a cricketer but this video shows a different side of him. His home is definitely not a great looking home. However it is a home with lots of love and memories. Its obvious he loves his parents and his daughter. The furniture the cobwebs on the trophies the potted plants lying down in the garden and paint peeled iff from doors makes this home a very normal unappealing home next door. Theres no fancy colours or style to the house. But the memories the culture the tradition and beautiful flowers in the garden compensate for all this. Heres wishing saurav and his loved ones live happily in this home. But definitely not my types 😊😊
Comment from : Desi Remixx

lalit khurana
Great videos I must say.....Dada seems to be a real family man and i really appreciate this fact because when you are close to your family it becomes very easy to fight out with the world
Comment from : lalit khurana

shobana swaminathan
Humble person
Comment from : shobana swaminathan

αDi 23
A gentleman always become #First.They don't wait for any situation, Situation itself comes to them. Not only his home but also we can see a glance of this wonderful #Bengali #ledgent through this video! Thanks #Asianpaints 😘😘
Comment from : αDi 23

dharam gupta
Dada the great
Comment from : dharam gupta

rajendra kumar
After watching ganguly I changed my batting from right to left.... 😘
Comment from : rajendra kumar

Avipsu Goswami
Man. <3
Comment from : Avipsu Goswami

Dhruv Mahajan
Kinda felt so calm after watching the video
Comment from : Dhruv Mahajan

saurav singh
The narration is remarkable. Lighting the beauty of every part of the house with his exceptional word choice. His narrative technique just touches our heart..
Comment from : saurav singh

Arideep Bag
Sourav Ganguly,a spectacular personality,is a true gentleman and the pride of the Bengali.His house is huge and the decoration is beautiful.
Comment from : Arideep Bag

Arunabh Lala
You will always be our captain -Harbhajan Singh, Miss you Skip!!
Comment from : Arunabh Lala

Lubna Khan
Sourav Ganguly is a thorough gentleman.
Comment from : Lubna Khan

Nithi Mechatronics
Ganguly is known as Kolkata's Prince in our Tamil Nadu❤️
Comment from : Nithi Mechatronics

Prashant Chaturvedi
I don't know why..but tears are rolling incessantly right now..reminded me of the 90s..what a great time it was to grow up in.
Comment from : Prashant Chaturvedi

Dada ❤️His simplicity captures our heart :)
Comment from : A B

Sujay Bain
Dada is emotion
Comment from : Sujay Bain

Real Dada of cricket.
Comment from : BoKkA PoWeR

sundar appu
LoVe yOu dAda ❤️
Comment from : sundar appu

Dhana Kotti
always sports come first me too
Comment from : Dhana Kotti

Soumi Guha
Very good morning...
Comment from : Soumi Guha

amit gupta
Truly inspirational..how come a person can achieve so much success in his life.... we can't even imagine...tell me dada how to be like u..even i know i can't be like u...
Comment from : amit gupta

first phantom
He just lives like a common man
Comment from : first phantom

swapan Kumar karmakar
Love u dada.... One of d best Indian captain
Comment from : swapan Kumar karmakar

Subhajit Dhara
Can anyone please tell me the source of the background music!
Comment from : Subhajit Dhara

Pratap Barman
My second father is sourav ganguly
Comment from : Pratap Barman

Your Landlord
280 chappel fans have been here.
Comment from : Your Landlord

Arkaprava dey
osadharon Dada...
Comment from : Arkaprava dey

Raja Sarkar
Maharaja The king tomake pronam
Comment from : Raja Sarkar

Soumi Guha
Love you..😍😘😚😙
Comment from : Soumi Guha

Parthiban S
Lovely home 😍💞
Comment from : Parthiban S

Raj Bhattacharjee
Very bad sound quality
Comment from : Raj Bhattacharjee

Venkat Chaitu
Dada u a the best captain...!! when i was kid i use to imitate ur style... while batting i jst winkle my eyes as u did in play ground... 😋😘 nd ur words inspires a lot😍
Comment from : Venkat Chaitu

Joydeep Bhattacharya
The video worth watching.. The trophies and the pictures on the wall made me nostalgic as a viewer bcz I'm a die hard ganguly fan being a 90 born kid :)
Comment from : Joydeep Bhattacharya

Vasavi V
Miss you DADA
Comment from : Vasavi V

Sohil Shah
A man of perfection
Comment from : Sohil Shah

Arkaprabha Dutta
Thanks to Asian Paints for giving the opportunity to see Dada's house. Thank you so very much..
Comment from : Arkaprabha Dutta

Arkaprabha Dutta
I'm very glad to see dada's house. Its just awesome. Love u Dada..
Comment from : Arkaprabha Dutta

Udai Thumma
A great video, it shows how a home connected with us, our time and our emotions
Comment from : Udai Thumma

Mr Kukreti
The team I loved . Captain dada vice captain Dravid batting leader SRT and yuvi bhajji . Good old days
Comment from : Mr Kukreti

subscribe for the legend S. Gang.
Comment from : JATT JAMES BOND

Habizabi Habizabi
wow dada
Comment from : Habizabi Habizabi

Yeasin Alam
best of luck dada..
Comment from : Yeasin Alam

Praditi Bhatt
This is one of the best videos of any celebrity giving us a tour of their home
Comment from : Praditi Bhatt

Paresh Garude
Insane editing. Kudos :)
Comment from : Paresh Garude

Sarbani Modak
He is such a beautiful person.. the moment he says 'this is Sana's house first and I keep telling her please allow us to stay here' completely takes me away.. That's really adorable....
Comment from : Sarbani Modak

Sarbani Modak
He is such a beautiful man... The moment he says 'this is Sana's house. We all say to her please allow us to stay here' , completely takes me away... That's so adorable..
Comment from : Sarbani Modak

Selim Sk
Cricket ka Dada Hamara Sourav Ganguly
Comment from : Selim Sk

The sweeper lady of that house has a huge task at hand.

Paduchuri Rajashekar
Just one word 'he is our DADA ' miss u dada always in field but we don't miss u dada in our life '
Comment from : Paduchuri Rajashekar

sai srinivasan
was filled with nostalgia. always loved your positive attitide
Comment from : sai srinivasan

ranjeet desai
"whether you play or don't play newspaper always opens from back to front."
Comment from : ranjeet desai

Sabyasachi Gupta
The best video I have ever seen in my life
Comment from : Sabyasachi Gupta

dhillon sydney
My hero dada👌❤
Comment from : dhillon sydney

dasoji channel
Comment from : dasoji channel

Soumi Guha
Love you love you.....sara din khub valo katuk tomer... sweet girl sana...😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Soumi Guha

Biki Jana
Love you so much dada!!! You are an inspiration to many!!!
Comment from : Biki Jana

Richa Singh
And all those emotions which are attached to the home is priceless....
Comment from : Richa Singh

missing dada
Comment from : Simplex

Bideshia Chakraborty
But Asian Paints took my heart away to Ankleswar :(
Comment from : Bideshia Chakraborty

Raj Mukherjee
দাদা তোমাকে সেলাম ! !
ক্রিকেট মানে দাদা আর দাদা মানেই শত কষ্টের মাঝে ঠোঁটের কোনে এক চিলতে হাসি ...
love u #Dada

Comment from : Raj Mukherjee

Sindhuja Palreddy
Nice House..
Comment from : Sindhuja Palreddy

Partha Mukherjee
wonderful video ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Partha Mukherjee

Soumi Guha
Good morning...love you..😍😘😚😙
Comment from : Soumi Guha

This clip is a work of art! Masterpiece! /\
Comment from : D.C.B.

GK Hub
💜 u dada
Comment from : GK Hub

Soumi Guha
Love you..good morning
Comment from : Soumi Guha

Nafez Mondal
tumi amar dada
Comment from : Nafez Mondal

Soham Biswas
Ganguly ❤🙏
We all miss you Dada
Memories so pleasant so nostalgic brought out beautifully
Thank you Asian paints for this !

Comment from : Soham Biswas

Jean Genie
This is one of the best Asian paint home video. He conveyed his feelings regarding cricket and home so beautifully.
Comment from : Jean Genie

Roman 101
The Great One🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Comment from : Roman 101

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